Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beautiful Beaches from South Banten

. Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Beach is full of rock like ladder (taraje), Situated on Bayah Subdistrict, Lebak Regency, 4 km from Bayah Bus Station on street between Bayah-Cibareno. There are also beach shop and villa to spend the night.


Not far from Karang Taraje Beach but the is a white sand beach without the rocks, there is Pulau Manuk. The wide and have sea shore has the calm wave in comfortable place for swimming and surfing. It only 6 km from Bayah Bus Station or take 2 km from Karang Taraje Beach. Steack out into the sea, there is a rock island where many kinds of the birds take a rest.


The Beach which has the beatiful scenary, the colour of the sea water have changed according to the change of time. It is in Sawarna Village, Bayah subdistrict, Lebak Regency, about 7 km from Pulau Manuk Beach. At the end of the Tanjung Layar Beach, there is a cape whice look like a soil, it's called Tanjung Layar.


The Beach is full of rock like ladder (taraje), Situated on Bayah Subdistrict, Lebak Regency 4 km from Bayah Bus Station on street between Bayah-Cibareno Binuangeun Beach is in Wanasalam Subdistrict, Lebak Regency 17 km from Malingping Bus Station. We can reach it by public transportation or own car. Located on Binuangeun street.

We can enjoy the activities of the fishermen who sell the fishes There are many comfortable place for taking a rest with our family along the beach. We can rent bungalow or villa to stay temporary.


Located in Malingping Subdistrict , Lebak Regency about 4 Km from Malingping Bus Station on Binuangeun Street, This beach has long sea shore whice is covered by hard send. Car can to flash part along the beach.

We can do many activities along the sea shre, like:
• Motor cross
• Marathon
• Volley Ball
• Playing Kite
• Surfing and Swimming
We feel satisfied to take a rest in Bageudur Beach


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